It is with the greatest of pleasure that we recommend Kelly Miller for anyone seeking a realtor.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we recommend Kelly Miller for anyone seeking a realtor, whether buying or selling.

Our first encounter with Kelly was during our search for a house in Oro Valley, Arizona. At the very first meeting with Kelly, she had already “done her homework”  which resulted in her knowing thoroughly our wish list for features in a house. She had prepared a listing of properties and had them arranged in an organized fashion. Out of six or eight properties she showed us, all of them had several of the features we liked. Kelly displayed an amazing ability to hone in on our wants in such a short time. She is certainly a good listener and remembers her facts.

One incident in particular gained our trust and respect for Kelly. One showing happened to have an outstanding view which was the primarily feature we were seeking. Kelly pointed out to us that, since there would be additional building/development in the future, that view might not be permanent. This was not visually apparent at the time and we would not have known this information. We were very much impressed with her honesty and forthrightness.

After finding the house, Kelly continued to impress us with her ability to keep up on every step of the process, keeping us informed in a very timely manner – and this is coming from two folks who have had several real estate transactions over the years and who are not easily impressed – like to have every I dotted and every T crossed! In addition to the actual purchase transaction, Kelly also provided various information to us about area services and general information useful to newcomers.

On a more personal note, as we got to know Kelly we learned how, in addition to being a very efficient and competent realtor, more importantly she is a genuinely caring and kind person. We cannot rate her too highly! She is in the process of handling an additional real estate matter for us at this time and will remain the first person we think of whenever the need should arise.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us. We give our permission for Kelly to give our contact information.